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If you´re thinking about spending a few days in Barcelona to visit the city or even if you have a good excuse to spend more time here, you´ ll need a good place to stay. HAVE A LOOK at our cheap and central accommodation options and services.


Traveling on Budget ?BOOK unexpensive clean and safe accommodation in the very centre of the city. Book here directly to the hostel. Individual or large groups. Book by days, weeks or months. We adjust to your needs. We always have a space for you.


Barcelona with it´s sun, Barcelona with it´s friendly people, Barcelona by the Mediterranean sea… Barcelona, as a brand? Let yourselves be fascinated by this trendy city, melting pot of different cultures with a unique day & night life READY TO BE DISCOVERED

  footer_left C/ Unio 12 | 08001 Barcelona, Spain | TEL : ## 34 93 3426 177 | FAX : ## 34 93 412 38 48